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Take an Incorporation Breath

You may be in the process of deciding to shift your sole trader or partnership business across to a limited company. Based upon your circumstances it might be right for you. Why? Maybe because, going forward, for example, you can mitigate your tax liability or minimise the risk to your personal assets or enhance your […]

Can the 6 sources of influence affect the vital changes in behaviour needed in your business?

The most important capacity we possess is our ability to influence ourselves and others. Learn to see every important challenge you face as an influence challenge”. The Influencer: The Power to Change Anything The authors of the Influencer: The Power to Change Anything make the point that complex problems are not solved by silver bullets. Their research found that change […]

The theory of marginal gains

Sir Dave Brailsford, Performance Director of Team Sky, and previously British Olympic Cycling, has been instrumental in leading a period of huge success in sport. He has transformed the sport during his tenure in terms of thinking, performance, and results, winning eight gold medals at the last three Olympics, and masterminding Tour de France wins […]

The 4-phase process to hook your customers

  You have a smartphone; you check it regularly (more often than you probably think) and you have several apps that you repeatedly check… Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat To at least one of these you are hooked… but the brilliance of the business behind these apps is that you don’t even realise you are hooked! […]

Successful Change – a fundamental business driver

We all manage change every day in our personal lives, leaving home, going to University, getting married, buying a house, moving jobs… these are all natural changes although some of them are large and can be unpredictable. Our job is to manage these changes and the transition from something old to something new as smoothly […]

We are now even more able to help protect you and your business – Introducing Balance Legal Services

For many years, clients have been asking us about legal services and it has been a constant cause of frustration that we haven’t been able to fully help them. We strive to be considered your ‘Trusted Advisor’ and as such we wanted to be able to assist whenever you need us most, whether it be […]

Manage difficult conversations and turn them from a business negative to a positive

Like any difficult conversation, there are skills to handling it well, however when you are in the heat of the moment or feeling that you are being verbally attacked it is very hard to maintain the level of focus required to manage those skills. Therefore, you will need to prepare for this conversation by setting […]

5 Secrets for Boosting Major Business Growth

There has never been a businessman/woman/entrepeneur who has set up a business and expects it to grow at the pace of a snail. The majority of business start up priorities are to experience rapid growth within the first few months. However, immediate success is not always guaranteed, it is generally an exception and even that […]